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This information has been prepared by The Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame. Located in Goshen, NY, "the cradle of the trotter," the museum is sixty miles north of New York City. Historic Track, the nation's first sporting site to be designated a National Historic Landmark, is adjacent to the museum. The track is a year-round Standardbred training facility.

The Museum's Mission is dedicated to preserving the sport's history and supporting and encouraging interest in its current and future endeavors. The institution's activities include educational programming, creating exhibit displays, providing promotional services and publishing articles, books and newsletters that disseminate information on the American Standardbred horse and the sport of harness racing.

There are many hands-on exhibits, movie theaters, displays and even a 3-D Harness Racing Simulator ride for the visitor to enjoy. It is the home of the sport's national hall of Fame. Children's activities abound and include a special corner full of reading books and games that encourage an interest in horses in general and the Standardbred horse in particular.

The Historic Collections Department manages more than 10,000 sq. ft. of climate-controlled storage space for the orderly safekeeping of significant harness racing memorabilia; this includes the world's largest collection of original Currier & Ives trotting prints, as well as oil paintings, books, documents, photographs, and other items of harness racing significance.

An important ongoing project is a free traveling exhibit, "The Story of Harness Racing by Currier & Ives." It is available by contacting to institutions throughout the country. The goal of the project is to introduce the sport to those unaware of its cultural and economic influence.

The Peter Haughton Research Library contains one of the largest collections of books relating to the sport, as well as bound periodicals, trotting registers and racing summaries dating back to the sport's earliest days.

The Museum has an annual worldwide membership of approximately 700 individuals,families, organizations and corporations. It serves the local community as a meeting and performing arts center and is a popular tourist attraction for visitors nationwide and overseas.

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