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1935 Three-year-old trotter Greyhound (1932-1965) (Guy Abbey-Elizabeth), driven by Sep Palin, wins The Hambletonian. 12-year-old Alma Sheppard becomes the youngest driver of a 2:00 mile with Dean Hanover's 1:581/2 time trial at Lexington, Kentucky. 1961 Protective helmets are now mandatory for drivers.
1938 Billy Direct (Napolean Direct-Gay Forbes) becomes the first 1:55 pacer. 1965 Bret Hanover (1962-1992) (Adios-Brenna Hanover), trained and driven by Frank Ervin, wins the Pacing Triple Crown.
1939 The United States Trotting Association is formed and the Standardbred Horse Sales Company is established. 1966 Romeo Hanover (1963-1988) (Dancer Hanover-Romola Hanover) wins the Pacing Triple Crown.
1940 Parimutuel wagering legislation is passed in New York State. Goshen's Historic Track is the first to use parimutuel machines or "iron men" as they are known. Roosevelt Raceway, in Westbury, NY opens and introduces night parimutuel racing. Purses range from $250 to $500. 1968 A pacer, Cardigan Bay (Hal Tryax-Colwyn Bay) becomes the first Standardbred to win $1 million. Nevele Pride (1965-1993) (Star's Pride-Thankful), trained and driven by Stanley Dancer, wins the Trotting Triple Crown. Rum Customer (1965-?) (Poplar Byrd-Custom Maid), trained and driven by William Haughton, wins the Pacing Triple Crown. Wheel discs become mandatory.
1944 Titan Hanover (1942-1966) (Calumet Chuck-Tisma Hanover) becomes the sport's first 2:00 two-year-old trotter. 1969 Lindy's Pride (1966-1997) (Star's Pride-Galena Hanover) wins the Trotting Triple Crown. Nevele Pride becomes the first 1:55 trotter with a 1:54.4 time trial at Indianapolis, IN.
1946 The first Little Brown Jug pacing stake is raced at the Delaware Fair Grounds, Delaware, OH. The mobile starting gate, developed in 1937 by Stephen G. Phillips, is introduced at Roosevelt Raceway. 1970 Most Happy Fella (1967-1983) (Meadow Skipper-Laughing Girl) wins the Pacing Triple Crown.
1947 Victory Song wins the first Horse of the Year award. 1971 Herve Filion is the first driver to win 500 races in a single season with 543 wins.
1951 The Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame, formerly The Trotting Horse Museum, opens. 1972 Super Bowl (1969-1999) (Star's Pride-Pillow Talk) wins the Trotting Triple Crown.
1953 Delvin Miller (1913-1996) trains Adios Betty to become the first 2:00 two-year-old pacer. 1974 Delvin Miller purchases Delmonica Hanover (1969-1996) (Speedy Count-Delicious) for $5,000 at the Harrisburg Sale in 1970. He trains her to win the 1974 Prix d'Amerique.
1955 Scott Frost (1952-1983) (Hoot Mon-Nora) is the first Trotting Triple Crown winner. Delvin Miller sells stallion Adios (1940-1965) (Hal Dale-Adioo Volo) for $500,000. He goes to Meadow Lands Farm, PA. and becomes the greatest sire of his era. 1976 The Meadowlands opens in East Rutherford, NJ.
1957 The Hambletonian moves from Goshen, NY to DuQuoin, IL. 1980 Niatross (1977-1999) (Albatross-Niagara Dream) wins the Pacing Triple Crown and becomes the first 1:50 Standardbred with a 1:49.1 time trial at Lexington, KY. He dies in 1999 the holder of the record for the most $100,000 races won in one year (10).
1959 Adios Butler (1956-1983) (Adios-Debby Hanover) is the first horse to win the Pacing Triple Crown. The first International Trot, with a purse of $50,000, is held at Roosevelt Raceway.