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1788 - 1875 1876 - 1930
1788 The Thoroughbred Messenger (1780-1808) arrives from England. His descendants, through Hambletonian 10, become the founders of the American Standardbred horse. 1876 The National Association of Trotting Horse Breeders is organized.
1806 Yankee, a gelding, trots a mile in 2:59. It is the first recorded performance by an American trotter. 1878 Sweetzer becomes the first 2:15 pacer and Rarus lowers the trotting record to 2:131/.
1823 The Union Course, Long Island, NY holds the first major public trotting race in America. 1879 The National Association of Trotting Horse Breeders establishes The Standards for trotting horses.
1825 The New York Trotting Club is established. 1883 Johnston becomes the first 2:10 pacer at Chicago, Illinois. The following year Jay Eye See becomes the first 2:10 trotter.
1838 Historic Track in Goshen, NY is constructed. 1885 The first volume of Wallace's Year Book, a precursor to the USTA Year Book and Sires & Dams Register, is published.
1845 Lady Suffolk, &The Old Grey Mare,& sets a trotting record of 2:291/4 at Hoboken, NJ. 1888 Using natural gas illumination, the first official night racing is held. Walnut Hall Farm is established in Lexington, Kentucky.
1851 2-year-old, Hambletonian 10 (1849-1876), stands his first season. His fee is $25. 1893 The first Kentucky Futurity is raced at The Red Mile for a purse of $11,850.
1859 Flora Temple becomes the first 2:20 trotter. 1897 Star Pointer (Brown Hall-Sweepstakes) a pacer, becomes the first 2:00 Standardbred with a 1:59 mile.
1870 The National Trotting Association, forerunner of the United States Trotting Association, is formed. 1900 The great pacing champion Dan Patch (1896-1916) (Joe Patchen-Zelica) wins his first race, at age 4. He is purchased in 1902 by M.W. Savage for $60,000. In 1905, he sets a record of 1:551/. The record stands for 33 years.
1871 The first volume of the American Trotting Register is published by John Wallace. 1903 The mare Lou Dillon (Sidney Dillon-Lou Milton) becomes the first 2:00 trotter.
1873 Grand Circuit racing begins for trotters. Pacing events are not permitted. 1908 Harness racing's first $50,000 race, The American Trotting Derby, is held.
1874 Goldsmith Maid (1857-1885) becomes the first 2:15 trotter, with a 2:143/4 mile. She retired in 1877 with a record 350 wins. Hobbles are introduced for pacers. 1926 The first Hambletonian Stake is held and Hanover Shoe Farms is established.
1875 The first major pacing race, the "Pacing Championship of the United States" is held. The purse is $5,000. The famous Red Mile in Lexington, KY opens. Racing is sponsored by the Kentucky Trotting Horse Breeders Association. 1927 The Trotting Horse Club of America is founded.
    1930 The Hambletonian is moved from Syracuse, NY to Good Time Park in Goshen, NY.